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Sergio Bertucci

Sergio’s father, Rocco Bertucci, was thought of by many as a true Renaissance man. Serving apprenticeships in both metal and woodworking, he emigrated from Italy in the fifties in search of a better life. He soon found a niche in the commercial and industrial construction industry, where he worked tirelessly as a steel erector. It wasn’t long before Rocco started to take on renovations as side jobs to support his large family. His painstaking carpentry training and natural talent, illustrated through his willingness to try his hand at many of the different trades, helped him quickly develop a good name in the construction industry. He soon had developed a construction company, B&R Building and Remodeling Ltd.

Many times Rocco would take his sons along to help with projects. Early on, of his five sons, Sergio had developed an inclination for construction. Consequently, Rocco would bring Sergio more often than the rest. As early as 14 years of age, Sergio could cut roof rafters and help his father finish concrete. Throughout Sergio’s high school years, he continued to hone his skills as a contractor and concomitantly study architecture. His passion for the vocation was sparked by a high school architecture instructor.

After high school graduation and as a result of questionable advice, he enrolled in the Civil Engineering program at a nearby University. After realizing that the study of civil engineering was quite dissimilar to that of architecture, he began pursuing his second passion, automotive machining. This led him into the industrial millwright trade. After finishing his apprenticeship in 1983 and landing a job at Ford Motor Company as a millwright, his father suggested that he continue with the construction business while working the midnight shift at Ford. Because of his passion for architecture and construction, he agreed and continued on his own after his father’s untimely death.

Six years would pass where Sergio would work construction by day and Ford at night. The demands of his growing family and expanding construction business supplanted the millwright position, obliging him to leave Ford.

In the early years, Sergio would build more modest homes where he developed a name for quality at an affordable price. Mid-way through his career, Sergio made an upward shift to the more custom home market and more specifically, custom homes for many professionals along Windsor’s waterfront. Waterfront homes require special attention to wind and water erosion and extraordinary foundation procedures. By continually addressing these issues successfully, Sergio developed a niche market for waterfront construction. Accordingly, he has proudly built more waterfront projects than most contractors in the surrounding area. At last count, in addition to his inland projects, Sergio has completed 17 waterfront projects built in the last 14 years.

Additionally, Sergio used the experience he gained in his three years of high school architecture to physically design and hand draft most everything he built. In 1990, Sergio transitioned from the drafting board to the computer. Although he had no design credentials, he was able to meet his clients’ needs as well as satisfy all that was required of the local Building Departments for permits. And, at the onset, Sergio actually performed much of the work on his projects, where he would run the framing crew, pour the footings, lay block, install the sewer systems, install ceramic tile and complete the millwork. His biggest passion was for the artisanship involved in the installation of the millwork.

Although Sergio successfully cultivated his construction business for twenty years, he often felt a yearning to continue his education in architecture. At the urging of his well educated brothers, at age 44 in the fall of 2004, he enrolled in the field of architecture at St. Clair College. He graduated at the top of his class, receiving a full transfer scholarship to Lawrence Technological University in Southfield, MI. At Lawrence Technological University, Sergio fast-tracked and obtained his Bachelor of Science in Architecture. He continued by quickly enrolling in the graduate program at LTU, which he also finished in one and one half years. He recently studied and acquired his LEED AP (Leaders in Energy and Environmental Design – Accredited Professional), an exam which reputedly has only a 30% pass rate. In addition to the three trade certificates Sergio holds, he now possesses an Advanced Diploma, a Bachelor of Science and a Masters all in the field of architecture. Sergio soon hopes to write his exams for his architecture license. As well, he can incorporate the LEED AP to his credentials. LEED is significant because it is a non-profit agency wherein green building and design is measured and certified.

Sergio is intent on offering this service to all of his clients, commercial or residential. Furthermore, each project will be certified under the Energy Star Label. As Canada moves forward with its many green building and energy initiatives, Sergio feels it is in his company’s best interest to stay in tune with burgeoning building and design technologies.

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